Monday, 8 June 2009

Threadless t-shirts

Today I'm featuring one of my favourite online shops; Threadless.

I discovered them a few of years ago, and been hooked ever since.
They sell amazing t-shirts, all designed by independent artists and designers. It's a very hands on site for both customers and designers-designs are only printed once given the go ahead by the customers.

The design below is called 'Low Ink' and is one of the designs up for voting. You score it out of 5 and can choose whether, if it were printed, you'd prefer it as a t-shirt or print.

Low Ink - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

If you are a budding designer, you can submit your designs here and if your design is chosen, you'll get over $2,500!

All of the t-shirts are printed in limited runs. Rarely (and I do mean very rarely) they will do a re-run if an item has been especially popular.
This has only happened twice on t-shirts I have requested to be reprinted, so my advice is if you like something on there buy, otherwise someone else will and you'll be kicking yourself!

I like this one as it has giraffes (who are under-rated) and is almost a Postal Service song :) Such a Great Height

T-shirts range in price from $15-$25 (approx £9-£15). Shipping costs are a bit annoying, as they don't tell you what they are until you have added the item in the cart and told them where you want it posted to.
And you also have to watch out for those nasty customs charges-I bought a hoody from them and got stung for about £20 on customs/tax. Ouch.

Nesting Dolls

It's pretty easy to find discount vouchers, and they reward you for participating in the street team. By doing things such as submitting a photo of you wearing your shiny new t-shirt, you get points, each worth $1.50, which you can then redeem against future purchases. They have a list of the top earners, and the guy at the top has over 49,500 points so god know how much he has spent to accumulate that much!

They also have a 'Threadspotting' section, where you can send in pics of people you've spotted wearing them. It's amazing how many people you actually start notice wearing Threadless-it sort of becomes a bit addictive. They should bring out one of those Michelin Eye Spy books...

If you like the designs, but don't fancy a t-shirt why not adorn your walls with some colourful limited edition prints. They are usually $35, but at the moment Threadless have a sale on, so they can be snapped up at the incredibly cheap $15.

The Tree Referendum Limited to 250

New t-shirts are printed weekly, and if you sign up to the newsletter you'll receive weekly updates.
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

I'm off to have a shop (and I will probably be tempted to buy). If only they gave street team points for people writing lovely blogs about them....

NIght-night x


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OOOh I love the Tree Referendum, really cool! Have added it to my source book :-)

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