Thursday, 30 April 2009

Competition time!

I've been thinking that it's nice to read about and look at the lovely things I feature, but I thought it would be lovely to run competitions to win some of these beautiful pieces.

So...I have decided to hold (ir)regular competitions. Yay!

I have some gorgeous pieces up for grabs over the next few months, but thought I would start by running a competition to win a piece of jewellery from my website, Ji Ji Kiki.

I sell my own handmade kitsch and vintage jewellery alongside pretty things for you and your home including bags, bath and beauty products and kitsch and retro homewares.

All of have to do to enter is go to my site and pick the piece of jewellery that you would like to win and put a comment here. Simples! I will also send the lucky winner some extra surprises :)

I have noticed that a lot of blog running competitions/giveaways give multiple entries depending on how much 'effort' you want to put it ;)

I thought this was a nice idea, so I am offering extra entries of your name in the proverbial hat if you...

- Subscribe to or follow this blog (3 entries)
- Blog about this giveaway (5 entries)
- Sign up to receive the Ji Ji Kiki newsletter (5 entries - I also run monthly draws to win £20 to spend on the site for newsletter subscribers!)
- Tweet about this giveaway (2 entries)

If you Tweet/blog about the comp, please put a link with your comment (blog) or username (Twitter) otherwise I won't know about it!

The competition is open to everyone worldwide and the closing date is Friday 8th May (next week). The winner will be announced on Saturday 9th May, so check back then to see if you've won!

Good luck everybody. x

As someone has kindly just pointed out, I should also really be promoting Ji Ji Kiki's Facebook page here as well! Hopefully the image/text link will work, otherwise search for 'Ji Ji Kiki'. I have just put up an exclusive discount, so make sure you check it out and become a fan to receive other exclusive goodies :)


theothermousie said...

I'm choosing my favourite piece for my daughter - the Kokeshi doll! She loves kitsch items & this is right up her street!

DonnaMarie said...

Hi I would have to say the vintage love letter necklace.... because love letters is what has kept my relationship ALIVE for over 9 years..... xx

Manda said...

Hi, I would pick the telephone necklace as my friend wanted it for her birthday but I'd already bought her something else... so it would be a nice surprise for her :) x

Grace Sandford said...

I simply love the vintage "loves me, loves me not" heart spinner necklace. It's cute, clever and beautiful :D I've already picked out what I would wear with it, flowery skirts and ruffles!
I'm also a subscriber to your newletter, my email is
This is a great opportunity! Grace x

Anonymous said...

The cupcake necklace, definitely! :)

alice said...

hey, i totally fell in love with the kokeshi doll necklaces...especially the purpel one. soooo cute!
oh, and i already signed up for your newsletter!

Emily said...

I would like the Ji Ji Kiki Vintage April showers necklace, its gorgeous - I love the little raindrop!

I have tweeted about this blog:

'JiJi KiKi Jewellery blog: http://thescavengerbird.blo... - the jewellery from here is so pretty :)half a minute ago from web'
(My twitter username is EmilyKate_)

I also signed up to this blog and the newsletter from the site (my email address is

maçã said...

Oh, I'm so happy with this giveaway! I love the jewerlly that you make! <3
I would like to pick the Apple fruit necklace, because I'm crazy about apples and this is also my nickname :)

I already post about this competition on my blog ( I also fallow your blog ;)

I just didn't sign up to receive the Ji Ji Kiki newsletter because I already recive the newsletter ;)


Anonymous said...

Hello I would love the Ji Ji Kiki Vintage love letter necklace. Im already on your mailing list and i have just added you to my twitter. I cant add you to my blog as its for my design work but would a facebook shoutout work? I could send you a screenshot.

Isil said...

This is a lovely idea ! I'm entering ^_^
My favourite piece is the black rose cameo necklace, without a doubt. I already follow the blog and also am already receiving the newsletter ;)

Good luck, everyone ^o^

Lulu said...

I just love your jewelry - all so frikking cute. I heart the Ji Ji Kiki Vintage Plop the owl necklace.
Ooh and I'm on your mailing list!!

Hope this blog works out.

Alice :) said...

Ji Ji Kiki Domo Kun necklace..I love it
Its just pretty different :P
(LL) ;)

Im on your mailing aswell ;) :P

Anonymous said...

I adore adore really adore: Ji Ji Kiki Vintage dragonfly necklace ♥

- I've tweeted (username: RougeRibbon)
- I've signed up for the newsletter (emailadres:


Anonymous said...

The Mario Mushroom necklace please, female gamers ftw! :) Laura (

maçã said...

I just right nice things because they are all true! I will also write something in Twitter if you tell me what to write ;)

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely adore the Anchor and Heart Necklace with the red heart charm as it would go perfectly with this nautical top i've got. ♥

I signed up to the newsletter a while back, and my email address is...

Thank you. ^__^

olga said...

I found your site while looking for wedding jewellery, and decided to buy presents for my best friend, my sister and myself instead! Your stuff is really lovely and different, I'm so glad I found it!

I'm following your blog, and I signed up for the newsletter, too! I'd like an I love you postcard, if I win... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I absolutely love the Ji Ji Kiki handmade Totoro necklace!
~I've tweeted: "win an awesome piece of Ji Ji Kiki Jewelry! They have the cutest stuff! Go check it out! <3" ( Username: Sesshychicklet7 )
~I blogged ( )
~And I'm already signed up for your newsletter (
Thanks for the amazing give away opportunity :)

Anonymous said...

the vintage octopus necklace OR the silver vintage butterfly necklace! i just cant decide which i love more! they're both beauts! id treasure either forever: ) sarah x

Leonie said...

The Peacock feather necklace is to die for!
Such a stunning piece. :D

And i've subscribed to the newsletter and followed this blog under the name 'Leonie'. :)

I will also link to this blog as well as the Ji Ji Kiki site on my DeviantArt page to promote your fab creations!


Harry said...

ooh fantastic giveaway,emma!
i love almost everything in the shop, but my alltime fave has to be the Black rabbit charm bead and bow necklace.
I've signed up for the newsletter already; dylysh(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Jo Stagg ( said...

i love this site!

to promote you should also create a facebook fan page, and promote through that (unless you already do)...

Ji Ji Kiki Mario Mushroom necklace in red would be amazingly lovely though. x

maçã said...

Oh, I also put you on my first post in twitter ( and become fan in Facebook (I'm Maçã Amaral). Maybe I'm trying to hard and that make ridiculous, sorry :$

Becca Joy said...

I love your jewelry its so adorable! Especially the Ji Ji Kiki handmade strawberry Jammy Dodger necklace, that is the one that I would love to have!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Lyndsey said...

My favourite is the Totoro necklace - it's really cute and my partner and I love the anime, the necklace is just stunning!

Wonderful site by the way

forget-me-not-ep said...

It's taken Ages to decide! I have come to the conclusion of the 'Vintage Love Letter Necklace'. It's so adorable!

Lovely Blog =] xxxx

forget-me-not-ep said...

The 'Vintage love letter necklace' - took me ages to decide!

Lovey Blog =] xxxx

sahara. said...

My favourite (which was really hard to pick out of about five other favourites) turned out to be the Vintage black rose cameo necklace, as I have a stange love for Cameos. The gold one is stunning.

Sahara xo.

pearls and polaroids said...

there all so amazing but my favourite has to be the retro light up camera necklace, its sooo funky!

check out my blog, i mentioned you-

and i tweeted! -

I've already subscribed to your lovely newsletter (

and i followed you so that i can see all your new amazing posts!

Noa said...

i love the Black rabbit charm bead and bow necklace!
i also signed to your newsletter.

Anonymous said...

I adore the Ji Ji Kiki Vintage Plop the owl necklace. It was very difficult to decide but the owl looks like a hoot XD

I'm already subscribed to the newsletter :)

I tweeted here:

I now follow this blog through Bloglovin' and posted about Ji Ji Kiki on my personal blog here:

Thank You *crosses fingers*

ZZ said...

Hi there!

I love the: Vintage dragonfly necklace!

I signed up too your newsletter a while back(


Thank you for holding this amazing competiton!

Mo said...

I'm definitly going for the funky duckling earrings (even if i love everything!)

I've suscribed to your newsletter and follow your blog since I heard about it ;-)

I mentionned your lovely online shop (and the contest) on my blog :

thanks for the great idea !

Ashley Williams said...

Hellos there [:

I actually had a hard time choosing my favourite piece of jewellery, in the end, I choose the international love heart necklace, it's so cute! ^.^

I’m already subscribed to your newsletter (
I’m also following your blog on my Blogspot page, and I mentioned your competition in my latest blog (

Thank you for running this competition, keep the cute jewellery coming :]


Laura said...


Ooh, decisions, decisions! I do adore the Jiji cat earrings though.

I'm already subscribed to the newsletter (not sure if I'm using my account or my yahoo though, as they all forward to the same one!).

Thanks for running the competition!


Anonymous said...

I've looked at all your jewellery and i just want to say its BRILLIANT i esspecially LOVED the retro light up camera necklace its brilliant I wish i could make stuff like that.
this competition is brilliant love it!!!!!!


кιм уσυя ℓυνℓу ƒяιєη∂!!!! said...


i would love to win the cream enamel butterfly necklace because it looks soo beutiful.


Anonymous said...

i would love to win the
Ji Ji Kiki Mario Mushroom necklace
leanne :)

Betty said...

I'd love to get the Totoro necklace to my friend as she's addicted to Totoro and has been a great friend for about seven years now.

If that's not available I know she'd love the Koeshi doll :)

Your jewellry is stunning.

I'm subscribed to the newsletter (

Good luck to everyone :)

grace chapman said...

i love your jewllery its amazing!
i absolutely love the giraffe necklace its so cute and has great detail.
i subscribed to the newsletter and subscirbed to follow the blog x
grace :) x

Lizzy said...

Hey I would Love the Rubik cube necklace as I have a normal sized one (I suck at it!) and if I had a one on a necklace then I would get more practice at cube-ing and one day be a rubik champion!!

Oh I tweeted about this giveaway, my username is paranoia_suxx

And I'm already on your mailing list :D (

And I signed up to this blog too (Princess for a Day)

So many choices on your site, keep it up (I'm off to buy some flamingo lights now :) )

Ashley said...

I think I'll go with the Vintage black rose cameo necklace, in silver.
It's gorgeous.

I'm following this blog (: - Ashes
and I signed up for the newsletter.

Linda said...

So many lovely pieces to choose from, it's difficult to decide.

However if I am lucky enough to win I would love the Ji Ji Kiki Vintage Plop the owl necklace. It's beautiful. Thank you

Manda said...

Hey I forgot to put that I signed up for this blog and that I get your newsletter ( It's Manda, who would love the telephone necklace for her friend. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I forgot to add that I'm also following you on here as Sesshychicklet7! :)

Emily said...

Definatly the Vintage International Love heart cute :)

0601490b said...

So many to choose from...

I've chosen the 'black rabbit charm bead and bow' necklace for a special friend who is leaving me to go abroad very soon :(

I love the site - keep up the good work xx

0601490b said...

Forgot to say that I get the newsletter and I'm a fan on FB


Emilie said...


I would like to win the Ji Ji Kiki Vintage love letter necklace (for my mother's birthday :))

I adore Rubik cube necklace too ;)

It's sooooo cut!!

And I'm already on your mailing list :D (


Luna said...

to be honest it's hard to choose BUT if i had too it would be the rubik cube necklace, it reminds me of being a kid, i could never finish the puzzle!!!! just signed up to the newsletter :-D fun time


Anonymous said...

I love the retro light up camera necklace so I would choose that!

I already subscribe to the newsletter ( and I'm a Facebook fan!

Rachel xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh, all of it is gorgeous, but i'd love the Ji Ji Kiki Vintage swooping swallow necklace- its amazing :D

Zaffire.Star said...

The Flamingo necklace simply rocks my world!

Second place is the telephone necklace!

Rebecca Galley said...

Id like the Ji Ji Kiki Hello Kitty polka dot dress necklace because i love hello kitty xx

Ashley mcdermott said...

Ji Ji Kiki 'Hanging on the Telephone' necklace please :)

Anonymous said...

I love the jewellery its cute and unique!!

I especially love love the cut out rose necklace... because its so dainty and cute and yet unique and different all at the same time!! And it would go with everything from your best night out outfit to your slouching about outfit!!!! The jewellery is gorgeous and unique!! LOVE IT!!

Country gurl blogger said...

I love love love the large rose necklace too!!! its so vintage and cute!! They're gorgeous and cute!!!


Country gurl blogger said...

I love love the cut out roses actually!! They're gorgeous and dainty and beautiful!!

my comment is the same as an anonymous who is above me...cos I just want to make sure you have my email!!!!

so instead of mii writing it out all over just telling you which comment to look at and this is my email!! :)

Anonymous said...

i would love the rubix cube necklace as my grandfather who unfortunately is not with us anymore have a slight obsessions with rubixs cubes and used to solve them with me! i have his last rubix solved cube however it is quite tricky to walk around with around my kneck or even in my bag and i would love to have a piece or repersentation of him in my life, sorry to go sob story on you all but its true xxx

alexinabrown said...

I love love love the Ji Ji Kiki Vintage pink flamingo necklace, infact I love all of your pieces but this one is definatley my favorite.
Your so talented.
Lexi. x

Anonymous said...

Voodoo Doll Necklace Angel :)
Natasha C x

Katie Louise said...

I love the jammie dodger necklace with the cute strawberry and the bite out of the biscuit! it looks good enough to eat! but if i had this necklace i would try to restrain myself!! Ji Ji Kiki is ace!!! =D

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