Monday, 27 April 2009

Stix N Stone

Recycling (or 'upcycling' is the posh word I believe) is very popular in the crafty world at the moment and understandably with good reason.

I have inherited a trait from my grandmother (and my dad come to think of it) where I don't like to throw things out 'just incase...'.
Most of the things I keep are for sentimental reasons, but I have to admit I do keep a lot of junk.

I do believe that good can come from using old things to create something new. I am launching my new jewellery line soon using broken, vintage jewellery pieces (little plug there!) and creating lovely, new jewellery pieces from old, unloved things is what today's featured artist Stix N Stone does. And very beautifully as well.

This Bird tree top vinyl set is probably the piece of jewellery that best suits me. It is made from recycled records (my favourite music 'medium'), has a painting of a bird and is girly but in a rock/indie way. What more could I want from a jewellery set?! Oh yes, maybe the fact it's only $13 (about £9!)

If you prefer your jewellery a little more delicate, how about this pretty swallow necklace $18.

Stix N Stone also create 'eco friendly' jewellery such as this 'Sweetly Sophisticated' cuff. Created from an old black leather belt and decorated with contrasting pink ribbon and two silver squares $22.

Stix N Stone has only joined Etsy this month, so will be adding more items over time. If you have an idea for a custom item, just sent her a message through her shop.
You can also follow her on her blog.


theothermousie said...

They're both beautiful pieces - I have to say though that the swallow is stunning. x

Jennifer said...

Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my shop on your blog! It's so flattering and makes me blush a little :}

Such an honor! Thanks again! :):)

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