Sunday, 17 May 2009

Bailey Bowls

As the majority of shops I have featured so far sell accessories and jewellery, I thought I would cover something different today, so have decided on the amazing Bailey Bowls.

Bailey's Bowls sells gorgeous and whimsical pottery handmade made by designer Lisa, 'helped' out by her dog Bailey, after whom the shop is named.

I just have to start this post by featuring this lovely Bailey-ware platter.
Lisa recently drew a set of cartoons featuring Bailey for a local newspaper and has taken some of the pictures and used them as decorations on her pottery. This platter features Bailey and his friend Ben and is $24.00

Owls are one of those magical creatures that you can't help but like, and this applies to this little chap, who is $20.00

He is made of stoneware clay which gives him a rustic look and has carved eyes and feathers. Hanging from the branch he is sat on are some corn and carrot danglies.
It says on the item description that owls hung on porches are meant to bring good luck-even if he doesn't, he will definitely look cute!

As I have a pussy cat (who is very poorly) I have to also show you this meow mug featuring 3 kitties trying to get to the sea creatures who live in the bottom of the cup.

The perfect mug to brighten up any coffee break :) $35.00

All of Lisa's pieces are made one at a time in her studio with a lot of care and attention. Each piece is unique and Bailey-bowls are food, dishwasher and microwave safe.
Lisa also has a second shop called Muddy Paws Pottery which sells more 'serious,' but just as pretty pieces. She can also create custom orders

Check out Cute Crafts for customer testimonials and an adorable picture of Bailey!


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I love that mug! It's the sort of thing one would get obsessed with and never want to drink coffee out of any other mug again Xx

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