Thursday, 14 May 2009

Cool cosies by Jacksknits

I started this post on 7th May, a week ago, so I think it's probably about time I got round to finishing it...

I have a bad habit that really annoys my boyfriend of making pots/cups of tea and then forgetting about them so they sit and go cold. I then heat them up in the microwave despite the fact I think this makes the tea taste horrible and then leave them to go cold again.

So I've been thinking for a while that maybe I should invest in a nice tea cosy to keep my teapot warm, thus solving one part of my problem!

Jacks Knits sells the most amazing and unique tea cosies I have ever seen. How cool is this stripey back and yellow creation with little knitted bumble bees!

If something sweet is a little more to your taste, how about the 2 cosies below-one with yummy donuts and the other in the style of a shocking pink cupcake.
The perfect tasty accompaniment to your tea break if you're resisting the real thing.

The great thing about these designs over traditional tea cosies is that they are like a little jacket so you don't have to take it off to pour your tea.

All of Jacky's teacosies are £7.00 each and she is more than happy to take on custom orders if you have an idea in mind for your own teacosy.

I highly recommend that you check out her Flickr album as she has some amazing items on there.
How sweet are these little hatching chicks...

...and this sandwich and salad platter looks really realistic. How cute are the little cherry tomatoes!


Kjmakes said...

Cool knits, really funky.

Laura Cameron said...

This drives my bf a little mad too! Great solutions!

Phillipa said...

I love these tea cosies, they are fantastic...Jacky is so talented. A unique piece of artwork for anyone's kitchen :)

MissElany said...

love the tea cosies so different

Gingham and Flowers said...

Great selection of tea cosies and the sandwiches are fantastic. Jacky is a very talented knitter!

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