Monday, 4 May 2009

Rubi Rocket

I thought that today I would cover an Australian site for my Antipodean readers.

Rubi Rocket is an online shop who's influences range from 80s childhood, tattoos, rock n' roll and pin up girls through to cult icons.

Their main line is laser cut jewellery, but they also sell hair clips, t-shirts (guys only) and kitsch and retro and coasters.

The prices are pretty reasonable too-is little black and white panda is really sweet and is only $25 AU (about £12).
Panda necklace

I really like this Tiki inspired hibiscus flower necklace ($34 AU) available in a choice of red or yellow. It's just so summery and makes me wish I was sat on a tropical beach with a cold cocktail.

hibiscus necklace

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with Mario Karts Wii at the moment, so I couldn't resist adding this Donkey Kong style gorilla necklace as well, which is also available with a mirror finish! From $22 AU

Donkey Kong necklace

Continuing with the retro game theme: Pac Man coasters! Set of 4 with three ghosts and Pac Man himself. From $36 AU.

Pac man coasters

There is loads more cool and kitschy stuff on the site, so go check it out! As items are sent international as parcels postage is just over $10 AU, about £5, which is pretty good considering you would pay that for delivery from most shops based in your own country!

Plus, if you sign up to their newsletter, you'll receive exclusive discounts, product updates and sale info.


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